Documenting Three Niche Sites

I am going to again start documenting the progress of three of my niche sites.

  • Site 1 is a pretty old site
  • Site 2 & 3 are new

Pet Site 1

This website has been dormant for the longest period of time, about a year or so with maybe 1 content published every 3 months.

I started publishing 1-3 content every month from July 2019 and now I am heavily starting to pick its pace.

So far I have:

  • Done broken link building – created an amazing guide on the niche and reached out to several websites
  • 301’d an expired domain to the category page – still going strong so far!
  • 4 expired web 2.0 and 1 bought link

Current site stats:

  • 21 pages of content
  • 39 pages indexed on Google

Lifetime Amazon Affiliate earnings

Lifetime Google Analytics 

Plans going forward:

I’ll be solely focusing on spitting out more content for now.

For this site, I am currently working only on one category of the niche so far, I’d like to get this pet category over with and move on to another pet.

Site 2 

I bought the domain for this site at end of November but haven’t decided on what to exactly do with it.

So far I have:

  • Set up theme Generatepress, plugins, GA, GSC
  • Set up Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest accounts.
  • Keyword research with the help of my competitors.

Current Site Stats:

  • nothing

Plans going forward

I was stuck in between whether to work on Youtube or the website first.

My plan going forward for this site is to publish a bunch of content and then publish Youtube videos.

Site 3 

I am really excited about this site. I have been meaning to start a website about this since years ago but never got to it because of laziness. I came across this idea when I was working on my other website.

Little more about this site:

I am solely focusing on review type content for now, so iPhone 7 review, etc. kind of stuff.

I am hiring real people who have tried out and used the product, so that I get honest feedback on the product and real HQ images from them, also they might share the post with their friends and family as well. Up till now, I have mainly been finding them through subreddits but not much responded, but I realized I can just hire people from UpWork as well and we have quite a lot of writers so far now.

Most products in this niche, range from $1-$50 on the low end and $100 above on the high end. Generally, when people shop in this niche, they tend to buy a lot of products together.

I also found another website who is in the same niche and doing what I plan to do, that’s a good sign since it’s proof it works. Now according to Similarweb, my competitor site received approx. of 54K traffic in Dec. 2019 and its on a downward trend and with SEMrush 3.9K organic traffic. The traffic trend is rather stagnant with ups and downs.

If we take the SEMrush organic traffic into account and say we get a 5% of that traffic to convert and say the average commission we get is $5 (3900 x 5%)5= 975 I should be able to hit $975 when the site hit 3900 organic traffic.

My competitor’s website isn’t the best in terms of design, UX or an SEO so I will be able to beat them easily.

So far I have:

  • Bought domain
  • Bought WPX hosting
  • Set up theme Generatepress, plugins, GA, GSC
  • Set up Youtube/Facebook page and group/ Pinterest
  • Gathered competition keywords with SEMRush
  • Find new keywords
  • Published new contents

Website stats:

  • Nothing

Plans going forward:

Just publish a bunch of content again!

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