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[Case Study] Journey to $5K/Month – Month 3 - ShortNext

[Case Study]
Journey to $5K/Month

Welcome to the third month of my pet authority case study.

Going to be a short one.

April was a shitty month. I was lazing around and being unproductive, really disappointed in myself.

Nevertheless here’s an update.

You can read my previous case study here:

Overview of April

Last month one of my plans was to redirect the expired domain I bought, and I did a 301 to my category page - pets.com/dog/

Nothing bad happened so far, in fact, some of my other keywords appeared on Google!

I only published 1 post this month mainly because I needed to find a new writer. Recently found one, so let's see how it goes.

Also created few other pets related Pinterest boards, dog, cats, etc. Not going to focus too much on Pinterest as of now. Answered 4 Quora questions related to my site and linked it back to my site relevant post.

I also got a free review copy of this service and got a few shares/profile/forum/ links pointing back to my homepage which helped boost my site a little bit.

Remember my plan with Merch I’m going to scrap that idea for now. I did upload 1 shirt so that my account doesn’t get shut down.

I’ll get back to Merch in the future when the site has grown.

One of my other plan for April was to send out outreach emails for 58 guest post opportunities. I’m going to hold on to that for now and do that in the future.


Mainly because my site is small with little to no content.

I realized that I’m trying to do too many things at once. I’m being way too ambitious with this, especially when I’m limiting my expense to around $100/month, I’m going to increase it to $200/month starting from May.

May Plans

My plans for May is pretty simple.

  • Publish at least 3 content.
  • Engage in forums/groups
  • Test out Clickbank offer

I’ll mainly be focusing on putting out content for this few months. As of now, the site has 4 posts, 3 are money articles, 1 is a guide.

Engage in forums/groups so that I can drop a useful link back to my site without looking like a spam.

I recently asked a Clickbank vendor and received a free review copy of the eBook. So I'm testing out a few ways to promote it on my site.


month 3 Google analytics

Google Analytics - Month April

Comparing it to last month, it's a dip. Same as last month, traffic just trickling from Pinterest.

month 3 kw ranking

SERPWatcher Ranking

Started ranking for some LSI keyword as well, and one of them KW is on 5! 

Nothing big thou, just 30 searches/month according to KWfinder.

All of those KWs aren't big and just have a small amount of monthly search.

Zero sales in April, so I don’t think a screenshot for Amazon Associate is needed.

Expense & Earnings

Total Expense | $77
Amazon Associate Earning | 0$
Time Spent | Est. 5Hrs

I’d give a breakdown but I’m so lost & confused as what I did with the money in April lol. Will keep a better track of it next month!