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[Case Study] Journey to $5K/Month – Month 2 - ShortNext

[Case Study]
Journey to $5K/Month

Welcome to the second month of my pet authority case study.

March was a great month for me. Especially for my other sites, seems like Google had some changes causing the sites to rank higher.

You can read my previous case study here:

Alright, Let’s dive right into this.

Overview of March

Here’s what I did in March for the site.

Since the site is new and only has 2 posts which were both "Top 5 Product Reviews."

I did a lot of digging and found out that most of the sites in my sub-niche were outdated or no longer being updated. So after some keyword research, I asked my writer to create a 5K page guide on how to care of pet.

Currently, I’m not 100% happy with the formatting and layout which is totally my fault, so I’ll have to update the content in the future, but it works for now.

The layout for the guide will have chapters and better navigation for the readers. As of right now, it looks like a page you see on every site with long form content. By having a better-organized content, I can lead my reader to my buyer's guide, products review, and other pages effectively. It also helps improve user experience 🙂

Since I wanted the guide to look authoritative and HQ, I hired a designer on Upwork to create a blog header for the guide.

$15 per design, the design is amazing too.

While my writer was working on the guide, I started doing some broken link building.

If you don't know what broken link building is. Basically, you find a broken link on other related sites, let them know and plug in your page/site.

While looking up resource pages on Google to find broken links. I came across a lot of old and outdated sites, you could easily tell they were made in the 2000s.

So I found a lot of sites which I hopefully can get a link from but finding their email and contacting them was difficult. I had to use tools such as hunter.io, Voila Norbert and look up whois.

But still. Most of the time, they no longer seem to be using the email.

However, I did get some replies and so far got 2 do-follow links. The 2 sites metrics aren't that great but I'm pretty happy with it, considering my site only has 3 posts.

For email outreach, I use Mailshake for my other sites, but for this site, I'm using the free version of Streak CRM to help me organize my emails.

You can see how I organize my email below.


Also while I was doing broken link building, I also found a few expired domains and domains that were about to expire. I'm keeping track on some of then, but I found 2 that were already available, so I just scooped it up without thinking, here are the metrics.

  • Domain 1 - DA 1 - CF 5 - TF 11 - RD 4
  • Domain 2 - DA 11 - CF 9 - TF 16 - RD 4

I plan to redirect the expired domain to my domain category since it's related to that pet category. For example, If I were to find an expired domain related to dog niche I'd redirect it to pets.com/dogs/ instead of pets.com/cats/

But here's the thing, I don't have much of a experience in how expired domain works.

After reading a bit and asking around forums, the domain I purchased was nothing special, and they were already de-indexed, so it's basically pointless.

But I’m just going to go ahead and redirect them, will update you guys on how it goes next month.

I also found some guest posting opportunity, so far I’ve found 58 opportunities but have yet to email them. Will be emailing them after I finish my broken link building.

Other Things

I also answered a few questions on Quora as well, couldn't find many questions related to my sub-niche.

I forgot to mention this in my previous post but here's a good way to search for your niche related topic on Quora, simply go to google and type in site:quora.com keyword and change the time to past month/weeks you should find a lot of good opportunity in there.
quora tip

Another thing I forgot to talk about in my previous case study is category and excerpt. My category page is slightly different than other people, on most sites, their category page is filled with different posts, my category is basically a page with content.

I basically create new page and 301 redirect my category page to that new page.

Regarding the excerpt part, most post usually takes an excerpt from the first paragraph of your post, I write my own excerpt like how you write your own meta description.

To enable it, just go to any of your post, screen option and tick the excerpt option.

excerpt snip

I also recently bought AAWP with 10% off for 3 of my sites to test it out and so far I like it. I just asked them on chat if they had any discounts available and got a free 10% off 🙂

Obviously, I’m not going to include the expense for this.

April Plans

There are a couple of things I want to finish by the end of April.

First is to redirect the 1 of the expired domain to my domain and see how it affects the site. I’ll redirect the 2nd one next month.

Second is to send outreach emails for all 58 guest post opportunities that I found.

One more thing I want to do is start Merch by Amazon (MBA), I got accepted into Merch few months after it came out but never had the time to get into it.

Why Merch? 

Honestly, it's because I received an email that they were going to shut down my Merch account, lol. And I thought why not just try it out and promote the shirt on my site and FB niche groups.

Currently, I'm looking for a t-shirt designer and will be hiring the designer for 1-3 shirts per month and my own mediocre designs.


month 2 analytics

Google Analytics - Month March

Honestly, I'm not that worried about analytics, users, visitors. I should be focusing on pumping out quality content but its going to be slow. The spike you see in mid March is when I shared my guide and on multiple FB groups.

99% of the users are coming through Pinterest. Nothing special there.

AA analytics

Amazon Associate Report - Month March

Got 3 sales this month. 1 of them is related to my product review. Other 2 were random stuffs 🙂

Keyword Ranking

Decided not to include a screenshot for KW ranking as there isn't much of a change, but the previous KW which was on 49 is hovering around in range of 25-40. As of this post, its on 27.

My other related KWs are starting to rank as well.

Expense & Earnings ~ March

  • Article - $50
  • Web 2.0 articles - $30
  • Blog Header - $15
  • Expired domains - 2 x $10

Total Expense | $115
Amazon Associate Earnings | $8.21
Time Spent | Est. 17 hours