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About Me - ShortNext

About Me

7AM -> wake up -> shower -> breakfast -> suit up -> go work -> 9AM ... 5PM -> finish work -> go home

Is this you?

Well, it was definitely me before, working a typically boring 9 to 5 job. Every day was the same, you can pretty much say that I was living like a clock. Staying in the same spot, waiting for the time to tick away. 

No one likes doing what they don't like doing.

I assume you want to quit your 9 to 5 job as well and do what you want. If not, you're in the wrong place.

I started this blog mainly to document my projects and make an impact on at least one people.

After working online for the past year, I don't earn big cheques. But its enough to get me going considering I do this part time.

I will only be talking about things that I have experience in such as blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. I'll be posting guides, tips, and reviews which I think will help you. In my post, I hope to provide you value and in my reviews, I won't bullshit you just to earn a commission.

My vision for this blog is to be a place where people can learn for free whether it be blogging or affiliate marketing. I don't intend to sell any courses or products.

If you have any questions on the post, just leave a comment there. I'll promise to reply, unless it has already been replied to. Or you can shoot me an email.

To end this, I'm not claiming to be a master, expert or some sort of guru who promises you riches, gold, lambos, financial freedom. I'm just like any of you, working, failing and learning. I'm a student just like you all, still learning and growing.

English isn't my first language and I suck at writing so bear with me on that. Hopefully I get better with time.